“NAAOP consistently leads advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels, getting positive results for our members and their O&P patients.”

Glenn Crumpton, CPO, LPOPresident, NAAOP

Contacting Policymakers

Congress plays a major role in the development, financing, and oversight of public and private sector health policies that impact access to and coverage of O&P patient care. Regulators in the federal agencies interpret and implement the statues. O&P providers and patients are in a unique position to influence O&P policy because of their intimate knowledge and appreciation of the value of quality O&P care. NAAOP helps you convey your message to policymakers.

The most effective method of communications with policymakers is in person. Flying into Washington, DC for occasional hill visits is highly effective. But there are other, more local ways to communicate directly with your elected representatives. During congressional recesses or other times of the year, you may wish to visit your representative’s local office. You may also choose to inform and educate your representatives by inviting them to visit your patient care clinic. Contact information for your representatives can be easily accessed on the internet. For more information concerning patient care facility visits, please contact NAAOP.

You can find more information on formulating an effective message to representatives by viewing the respond to policymakers section of this site.

NAAOP Resources

Update and alerts demonstrate the government relations advocacy process in the context of actual events as they develop. Each update and alert is intended to inform, educate and motivate NAAOP’s membership.

The archives are a historical chronology of NAAOP’s leadership in national and state policy formation going back to 1995. We invite you to sample our long-standing involvement in O&P policy through the years.

More Resources

Links to legislative sites, regulatory sites, and other government resources

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