Government Relations Updates/Alerts

This resource is a chronology of NAAOP’s efforts to advocate for O&P patients as well as the providers who serve their O&P needs. Each update and alert is a response to an opportunity and/or threat with the potential to impact professional O&P patient care. The purpose of an update is to inform. The purpose of an alert is to request action on your part.

Updates and alerts demonstrate the government relations advocacy process in the context of actual events. This process is comprehensive and includes:

  • Monitoring policies, bills, and rules
  • Educating and informing policy makers and the O&P community
  • Facilitating feedback from the O&P profession


  • Developing strategies to achieve the critical goals of better evidence, better education of practitioners, greater and better technology for the O&P consumer, and greater access to care.

Participate in this process by carrying our message to other O&P professionals. One way to do this is by taking advantage of the option to send an update or alert to a colleague (look for the “Send to a Colleague:” options at the bottom of any post.).

Another way to participate is by providing your own insights or feedback specific to an update or alert. You may choose to respond to NAAOP by leaving a comment, respond to policymakers, or answer a NAAOP survey. At each point in the health care policy development process, active involvement from the O&P profession is vital. Your professional perspective illustrates what works and what is in the best interest of the O&P patient. Become informed, involved, and contact us.

Review this year’s government relations updates and alerts. Send an update or alert to a colleague.

The archives are a historical chronology of NAAOP’s leadership in national and state policy formation going back to 1995.


By responding you are working to improve your patient’s access to comprehensive O&P care. Resources are needed to transform lives and provide hope. You are an important resource.

O&P is a relatively small profession and in order to compete for representation in the larger healthcare arena we must present a factual and compelling account of the obstacles facing patients and professional O&P care.

You may have the evidence needed to advocate for your patients and your profession. You can help!

Please choose from the following:
Respond to NAAOP Respond to policymakers Answer an NAAOP survey

Many forces drive the health policy agenda. Advocacy is one. Thank you for choosing to be a resource.

To learn more regarding the scope of NAAOP government relations advocacy and find other informative resources, view become informed.

National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics (NAAOP)