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“One of the principal focuses of NAAOP is public policy and to do it from the perspective not only of the practitioner, but also to promote public policy that is clearly in the interest of the patient, people with disabilities and others who use orthotic and prosthetic services. NAAOP has been a catalyst for leadership in this profession and we owe it all to our members. It has been an honor to be associated with NAAOP since the beginning.”

Peter W. Thomas, General Counsel, NAAOP

Our Thanks

Thank you for your support of our mission. You strengthen our advocacy voice. Because of your commitment to your patient’s well being and to your profession, NAAOP’s message is consistent, straightforward, and clearly in the interest of the O&P patient.

Member Feedback and Requests

NAAOP staff members and volunteer leadership (President and Directors) are available to members for their concerns, comments, and questions.

We have a long history of direct advocacy for specific member needs. We are committed to advocating for all members, from the smallest facility and individual practitioner to multi-facility corporations.

We are particularly interested in accumulating data from our members on patient care issues (denied access) and practice management issues (denied coverage, declining reimbursement).

We strongly encourage all of our members to communicate their issues of concern. This way, NAAOP can accumulate data that can demonstrate in quantifiable terms the results of a current policy and project the probable outcome of proposed policy.

Your input builds credible evidence for policy-based solutions. Our strength is in our collective numbers. Our strength is in our collective voice.

Pose a Question to the Membership

As a member of NAAOP, you may pose a question to the membership for input. Upon receiving your question, NAAOP will contact you directly to confirm receipt. Your question along with questions from other members will be presented to the general membership by e-mail.

NAAOP’s membership consists of all constituents in the comprehensive O&P patient care process, the individual clinicians, fitters, technicians, clinician owners, educational/research institutions, and select manufacturers and suppliers that are dedicated to advanced O&P technologies and outcomes for the benefit of the patients they collectively serve.

NAAOP is committed to fostering dialogue among our members with the purpose of encouraging solutions that are consistent with our goal of assurance of quality care for individuals with amputations, limb differences, and orthopedic impairments.

Update Member Contact Information

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